permaculture in Hananoie

Sustainable Human EcoDesign

Permaculture is the combination of “permanent”, “agriculture” and “culture”, proposed by Bill Morison, an Australian Biologist. It is an environment design method for human to sustainably live with nature. 

We believe that at present it is not only receiving the benefits of the nature, but we have to use awareness, wisdom and technology to enhance the power of nature in order to coexist with variety of lives. Permaculture is a practical way that observes characteristics of indigenous species in that land, learns wisdom of traditional agriculture and combine scientific technology and knowledge to produce high productivity and rich ecosystem. As a result, the permaculture proposed a new life-style and economically independent society.

The permaculture is our textbook. Here are some permaculture that we have been applying in Hananoie.

Mixed Planting

mixed plantation

We grow many kinds of vegetables in the same field. We also plant herbs, onion and garlic between them to prevent insects, and clovers to cultivate the soil. Harvesting continues everytime and the field remains green and beautiful all years.


biogas in Hananoie

Waste from toilets directly flows to the underground ferment tank but normally the main material for biogas are from buffaloes. By this system, we obtain liquid fertilizer and cooking gas. This system also contributes to sanitary of the resort since the waste is completely fermented.

Buffalo Domestication

buffalo domestication

Buffaloes give us milk and dairy products such as butter and yogurt. Moreover, their dung is also the main material for biogas. The baby buffaloes which born every year are also our alternative incomes.

Bee Keeping

bee keeping

We keep honeybee to produce our own honey and for pollination. Bee keeping is an image of honey hunting which has long history before agriculture. It makes us feel the spirit of our ancestors.

Solar System

solar system

Warm water and some parts of electricity are made from solar system. Astam has no river and strong wind enough for electricity generation. Solar power is the only possibility.

Water Storage


We made a pipe to bring water from a steam 15 km away. The water is sent to underground storage tanks at night time. We also keep rain water in the storage tanks. This water is used for farming and daily life. Astam always suffer from water shortage but by water storage It is now possible to grow crops than ever.