Feeling Himalayan Lifestyles on the Way to Hananoie


Hananoie can be reached by a jeep from the Milan Chowk, the trailhead. But the best way is to take a 2-hour mini-trek, passing though some villages. Trekking in Nepal is quite unique since it let us walk in where people live. Not only the villagers but also the beautiful panoramic view of Himalaya welcomes all guests along the way to Hananoie.

Access to Hananoie

Access by Car

It takes 1.5 hours from Pokhara city or airport to Hananoie via Milan Chowk. Our staffs can arrange a jeep due to road condition. Arrangement of the car is available at actual cost (approximately 3500 Rs/car (6 people)).

(*)The jeep fee may be subjected to an extra charge during Dashain and Tihar festivals.Please understanding of this beforehand.

Access by Mini-Trek

It takes 1.5 – 2 hours to Hananoie from the trailhead at Milan Chowk, where can be reached by car from the city of Pokhara within 30 minutes. A pair of sneakers is suitable. We can support you by arranging a guide or porters as your wishes. Porter charge is 800 Rs (January 2015). In this case, please bring you valuables and drink with you. Hard suitcases may not be able to be carried by porters. In that case, you can leave them at Japanese Restaurant “Tabemonoya” at Lake Side, Pokhara. Please use soft or cloth bags to carry your belongings to Hananoie.


Guests can leave some belongings, excluding valuables, in our Pokhara office in a Japanese restaurant “Tabemonoya” at Pokhara lakeside. In this case, please lock your luguages before leaving. Also we can arrange some porters at actual cost.


A Hananoie or Tabemonoya staff can accompany the guests to Hananoie without additional charge. Please contact our office in Tabemonoya, Pokhara lakeside, or fill your query in “contact” page

Taxi Hiring Service

For Guest who prefer to reach Hananoie by mini-trek, we can arrange a taxi from Pokhara to Milan Chowk. It takes 20 to 30 minutes and the cost is up to 800 Rupees.

Map from Milan Chowk to Hananoie

(Photos are shown by clicking at the green buttons on the map.)
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