Exploring, Discovering and Harmonizing with the Tradition and Nature

Hananoie provides several activities so that you can enjoy the Himalaya and the lifestyles of the people here.
* Some activities may not be available due to the weather, availability of materials and staffs.
* We recommend that you inform us the activities you would like to experience when booking.



Explore and discover Himalayan lifestyles.
Guests will go together with a Hananoie’s staff to the near villages to observe the people’s living style and their culture. (duration: 2-3 hours)

Farm Roaming

bee keeping

There are different types of vegetables and fruits grown in Hananoie farm and also different species of beautiful flowers. A farm staff can show the guests to know about all the species grown in the farm. Not only vegetables, but also honey and bee-wax harvesting can be shown here. (duration: 1-2 hours)



The guests can observe when the buffaloes are milked in the morning. It also includes the activities such as making yoghurt, butter(ghee) and yoghurt drink in typical Nepali style. (duration: 1-2 hours)

Nepali Cooking

Nepali cooking

Cooking in a typical Nepali kitchen is another activity liked by most of the guests visiting Hananoie. You can discover how spice harmonize with the organic ingredients. (duration: 1-2 hours)

Candle Making

candle making

Candles are made in Hananoie using bee-wax and the guests can participate in making. (duration: 1-2 hours)