Relax and Enjoy Himalaya’s Magnificent Views

Hananoie also provides magnificent views of Himalaya Range from the windows of the dining room, salon and the public bath. Guests can enjoy splendid views of the sacred peaks while having Hananoie’s original cuisines or relaxing in the salon or the public bath.

Dining Room

dining room

The dining room is the best place in Hananoie to gaze the splendid view of Himalaya Range. The dining room welcomes all guests with fresh home-made organic ingredients. Guests can enjoy a cup of herb tea while gazing at sunrise behind the mountains or stare at the dramatic sunset while tasting our original dinner.



The salon is a good place to see at the Himalayan range, as well as the dining room. In daytime, you can relax and spend your time as your living room. You can enjoy our fresh herb tea or traditional Nepalese tea “Chiya”.

In the evening, the temperature drops abruptly. We also provide a wood stove here to keep yourself warm. You can taste Nepalese rice wine “Roxi” beside the wood stove while enjoying the variation of sunset sky

Public Bath “Goemonburo”


Besides a shower room in every guest room, we also provide a Japanese style public bath “Goemonburo”, which opens every evening

The 2-man sized big bath is made from copper plate by Nepalese craftsmen. We warm the water solar boiler and firewood. You can enjoy a rich dip and relief fatigue by herbal hot water while staring at the twilight Himalaya through the window of the bath.



Different kinds of seasonal vegetables are planted in our 5-acre farm. We have been applying the concept of “permaculture” such as mixed plantation to maintain nutrition balance of the soil. Enjoy taking a walk and discovering different faces of the vegetables.