Useful Info


We can see good Himalayan view from Hananoie and the best season is from the middle of September to the middle of March. Normally we can see Himalaya, People harvesting rice, many colorful flowers, and main festival (Dashain & Tihar) at this time.

The other is the rainy season. It is less chance to see Himalaya in this season, but we can see greenery view.


The temperature is from 16 to 28 degrees Celcius from September to the middle of November and from late February to the middle of April.

It is a little bit cold (10 to 20 degrees Celcius) from the middle of November to late February but there is no snow.

The temperature is high (22 to 36 degrees Celcius) from the middle of April to September. The Monsoon starts from the beginning of July until the end of August.


Mountain’s weather has big difference between day and night. It is said that the temperature drop 0.5 centigrade every 100 meters. Locating at the altitude of 1400 meters, Astam’s temperature is approximately 7 centigrade lower than the sea level. However, the strong sunlight during daytime keep us warm but sunscreen lotion is necessary. The temperature abruptly drops after sunset. So sweaters or jerseys are recommended.

A raincoat is also a good choice since it is not only useful when raining but also for warming due to its heat retention.

The coldest period is during new year season. We recommend you to wear a down jacket.

During the timing of the monsoon(July until August), rain gear are a necessity.

Other Items

A flashlight or a torch or a headlamp is quite convenient because of daily blackout in Nepal. We provide candles in every room. During black out, starry sky is impressively beautiful!!

A pair of sneakers is enough for hiking around Hananoie. Of course, climbing shoes are welcome.

Sunscreen lotion is useful to protect sunburn because of the strong sunshine at daytime.