about astam

Astam is small mountain (Hill) like 1400 Meter high from sea level, where Hananoie locates. There are 80 houses and population is around 300 with different cast (Braman, Chetree, Tamang, Pariyar and Nepali). Most of the people are Braman.

Farming is main source for their living. Almost all people produce their all food from their field. There is one middle school (lower secondary school) on the top of hill for their child education. Water supply is from the next mountain for their daily use like drink, cook etc..

From Hananoie, we can walk uphill to the village of Astam, passing though terrace fields. The villagers and their children are friendly and cheerful. This small hiking may make you feel closer to their peaceful lives.

Ploughing in Astam Children in Astam
goat domestication a villager in Astam